Products and Services


Prime offers a variety of PFM & PFG CROWNS. Everything from Non-precious, Semi-precious to White and Yellow gold.


Is an internally reinforced gold material that exhibits the color, workability and nobility of pure gold along with the strength and stability of the Platinum/Palladium family of cast alloys.


Produced crowns, veneers and in/on lays offer the same durability and strength as PFM crowns. The bonded ceramic restorative material of Emax gives the crown its shape, contour, color, strength and allows superior light transmission.


Consists of two separate components, the core and the porcelain. The Zirconia Core is designed to be as resilient as any metal copings used for traditional PFM's and is also a desirable replacement for PFM crowns, especially for patients with metal allergies.


Casting System allows the construction of lighter, thinner framework that retains the strength and the durability to function properly. It’s lighter and thinner frame offers the patient more comfort and better aesthetics.


Are fabricated with a variety of multi-layered composites and hardened acrylics. Upon request, flexible clear or tooth colored clasps are used to replace the traditional wrought wire clasps on removable dentures, which give patients better comfort and more natural looking results. Various shades of acrylic dentures are available.

Flipper / Nesbite

Are fabricated with a variety of multi-layered composites.

Mouth Guard

Are fabricated with a variety of hardened acrylics.

Implants Prosthetics

Prime offers implant supported solutions for both Fixed (Cementable, Screwretained & Screwmentable) or Removable (Over-dentures or Hybrid).